Bomberman Online

Bomb-It has subsequently had seven Bomberman sequels, but the first game remains a classic that will live on in fans' hearts as the best of the series. One or two players are put into a multiplayer death match; their only weapons are their bombs and their wits. The last man (or woman) standing is declared the winner.

If you love blowing up stuff as much as we do, you'll probably get some enjoyment from Bomb-It, a free online Bomberman game where players duke it out on a nuclear level.

Bomb-It is fairly straightforward. You pick from four different robots to be your character, and you are then placed in a minefield of bombs and explosive objects and told to fight to the death. Simple, right? The trick is to avoid blowing up yourself with all the bombs going off around you. Players must set the timer on their bombs so that they explode at just the right time and in the right place. A high beam of nuclear justice shoots out between rows when the bombs go off, and anyone in the path of this bomb-powered laser is immediately wiped out, no questions asked.

The first Bomb-It game has much bigger explosions than its successors, making it the hardest game to win. However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Players who have grown frustrated with the series' weaker sequels often go back to where it all began for more of a challenge. There are difficulty settings to provide a truly unique Bomb-It experience, so try the Hard difficulty setting sometime; if you thought it was challenging before, just wait until the first bomb goes off in Hard mode!

Like most two-player Flash games, Bomb-It uses keyboard controls WASD and the arrow keys. This can get a little cramped at times, but half the fun is having to be in close quarters with your enemy. The sequels use the same control scheme, so players will have an easy time picking up where they left off after they finish the first game.

What a ride! Bomb-It offers a fun two-player Bomberman experience that's hard to beat. Players need to strategize in order to be the last robot left; a favorite feature of the game is the ability to set off a chain reaction of bombs by placing them in close vicinity to one another, triggering the next bomb with an explosion from the first.

All of the entertainment of the Bomb-It series can be purchased for the low, low price of FREE. That's right! Bomb-It is a free Flash game that requires no sacrifice of money in order to play. All you have to do is load it up on the site and hours of fun multiplayer experience are headed your way. Play with a friend or simply battle it out with the AI opponents.